A magnificent catastrophe

The "Federalist" who believed in big government and central power in a sort of monarchical government against the 'republicans' or "anti-federalist" that where big supporters of the original intent of the Constitution, de-centralized government doing battle.

Party politics, negative ads, behind-scenes tricks...Election 1800

Larson P Simon and Schuster Inc. Nasty, sometimes factually iffy parti Bob Schmitz A Magnificent Catastrophe describes in excruciating detail the elections for legislators and then electors in the election vote by vote, state by state, machination by machination, slander by slander, letter by letter, between Federalists John Adams and Charles Pinckney, and Republican T.

The "Founding Fathers" are usually presented as an archetype of monolithic cohesion; high-minded patriots, with a nascent American polity's well-being the driving force behind their every action.

A Magnificent Catastrophe

Blistering accusations flew as our young nation was torn apart along party lines: Yet, with these personalities that the author captures so vividly, it is the process of the election that makes this book stand out.

A bitter partisan battle between Federalist John Adams and Republican Thomas Jefferson, it produced a perplexing tie between Jefferson and his own running mate, Aaron Burr. George Washington had been a non-contested favorite for president and had never campaigned for the job.

12 Facts About the Election of 1800

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He is a professor of history and law at Pepperdine University and lives in Georgia and California. One ticket composed of an experienced, ideologically consistent steady hand and a cipher seen as malleable, ambitious and unreliable?

This election in many ways determined just how democratic a country we would be. His other books include Evolution: Evans writes social, not political history. Refreshments were always on the table and mattresses for temporary repose in the rooms.

The election ofthe first truly partisan national election in the United States, is brilliantly captured by Larson and his sense of drama is impeccable.

A Magnificent Catastrophe

Adams and his elitist Federalists would squelch liberty and impose a British-style monarchy; Jefferson and his radically democratizing Republicans would throw the country into chaos and debase the role of religion in American life. Presidential Election of drew attention and controversy all over the world.

Manny This book details the struggles concerning the elections of Meanwhile the wildly ambitious Burr schemed his way not only into being nominated to run along with Jefferson for the Republicans, but to end up with the same number of votes as Jefferson.

Indeed, it was a battle of the sexes, multiculturalism, and class struggle. The A magnificent catastrophe remained shrouded in doubt long after the voting ended, and as Inauguration Day approached, Congress met in closed session to resolve the crisis.

Before this election, the parties were merely informal networks and presidential administrations were bipartisan; after this election, the two-party system had been set in stone and all of the regrettable effects of bitter partisanship the Founders had warned of, and tried so hard to fend off, had been set in motion.

Some things change and some do not.Description. When John Adams and Thomas Jefferson faced off in the presidential election campaign ofpolitical fireworks ensued. The infighting and machinations among the contestants proved beyond doubt that the two-party system had arrived-and arrived with a bang.

A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election ofAmerica's First Presidential Campaign by Edward J Larson, J.D., PH.D. starting at $ A Magnificent Catastrophe: The Tumultuous Election ofAmerica's First Presidential Campaign has 0 available edition to buy at Alibris.5/5(2).

Magnificent Catastrophe. The election pitted a grumpy, contentious and brilliant President John Adams against not just another of the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, but also Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.

In many ways the election intro-duced American politics to partisan. In its first great electoral challenge, our fragile experiment in constitutional democracy hung in the balance."A Magnificent Catastrophe" is history writing at its evocative best: the riveting story of the last great contest of the founding period.

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A magnificent catastrophe : the tumultuous election of 1800, America's first presidential campaign

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title They could write like angels and scheme like demons. So begins Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward Larson's masterful account of the wild ride that was the presidential election—an /5(53).


A Magnificent Catastrophe provides one of the finest insights ever written into the history of the founding -- and sometimes faltering -- first steps of our modern democratic republic. Absorbing its story is an essential step toward a deeper and broader understanding of America .

A magnificent catastrophe
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