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However, Americans of all ages are equally likely to indicate that they read whether in book form or otherwise for pleasure or to keep up with current events. Some of the Latest Books Your browser does not support iframes.

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Describe in detail three characters from the story. Among all American adults: First, take the palm. Design a poster or new book cover depicting the climax of the story. Give a dramatic reading of a scene in the book to your classmates.

Use these twenty-five ideas to shake up your book-related activities. In the early days of Project Gutenberg, growth of the public domain on January 1 was an annual event. Yours is probably one that was not scanned.

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And smartphones are playing an especially prominent role in the e-reading habits of certain demographic groups, such as non-whites and those who have not attended college.

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Write a different ending for the book. If you find Project Gutenberg useful, please consider a small donationto help Project Gutenberg digitize more books, maintain our online presence, and improve Project Gutenberg programs and offerings. Check the XML sources to see if the problem still exists.

Each book focuses on the life and work of a woman active in her field today, providing readers with insights into the personal and professional paths that led to their careers in science. This has freed up countless hours for staff to focus on students rather than paperwork.

The Wisconsin public record link will also be displayed along with the Texas links. Some of the reasons include the public record site removed old or expired information; or the public agency releases data in bulk which we've obtained but is not available through a free public web lookup.

Classroom Activities: 25 Book Report Alternatives

Write ten chat room-style questions that could be used to start an online discussion about the book. Act out the commercial for your classmates.

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Write a ballad or song about the characters and events in your story. Certainly, from, the installation consisted of a breathing digital pirates as those under which products possess attributes such as australia and new elements consistent with what is the mass of the audio examination.

If the problem is present in the latest book sources, please report the problem to the mailing list above or file a new ticket. A powerful reporting architecture provides custom reports that precisely meet the most exacting reporting requirements in any language.

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