The several unfair reasons of the current electoral college system

The people watch their servants with a jealous eye. In fact, the margin of victory in a State would become more important than simply winning the State and thus could easily cause a candidate not to visit a close State but rather to spend time in a State in which he is already popular, simply to drive up the margin of the vote and add more to his national total.

The fairness of the Electoral College is indefensible. And the electoral vote was so close that without the Texas votes, Cheney would not have had a majority. Since then, though, there have been fresh figures from two counties. Fairness, as it should be, is non-partisan. For the past hundred years, the electoral college has functioned without incident in every presidential election, through two world wars, a major economic depression, and several periods of acute civil unrest.

Want to live somewhere else? The other three instances — one inone in and one in — were equally peculiar to the individual elector. France follows the same system. Minnesota, with its current delegation of four Democrats and four Republicans, would be a good candidate for this fate.

Without the Electoral College, candidates would have no reason to seek votes from Alaskans at all. Representatives or Senators; and 62 percent could not name the three branches of the federal government! States also conduct other elections for U.

Therefore a pure democracy is generally a very bad government. Andrews,pp. For instance, after Obama won reelection in he tried to enact a plan for investing in high-speed rail.

When the Framers put that crazy structure, where the presidential election would be thrown from the Electoral College into the House for a one-state one-vote choice of the next president, they believed this would actually happen on a regular basis. Cities make people liberal.

And to win, a candidate must receive the support of an absolute majority of states. Maybe he should have looked across the Atlantic Ocean, and into the U.

Democrats have popular power, but the geography skews Republican. But in the era of the car? About Citizens for True Democracy. And every opposition voter in those states would now have more incentive to vote — all votes would truly count.

However, if the State by State votes are transferred to the Senate, since Bush won 30 States and Gore 20, the Senate vote would have been 60 for Bush and 40 for Gore; Bush, therefore, by a large margin, would have been the choice of the States. A constitutional amendment replacing the electoral college with a simple popular vote would be most effective.

The car had a profound effect on the concentration not just of populations, but of politics. In few words, the Prime Minister is elected by a coalition of representatives who can flip flop whenever they want, such as in Italy and Germany.

Surely residents of these states, with such wildly different circumstances, resources, and interests, require vastly different kinds of interactions with the federal government. News and World Report, not one requires a course in American history for graduation!

Arguments against the Electoral College

The electoral college system therefore preserves a sound balance between population centers and between diverse State and regional interests, incorporating elements both of popular and of State representation in its operation.

Proposals to abolish the electoral college, although frequently put forward, have failed largely because alternatives appear more problematical than the college in its present form. A 12 still will not elect him to office since even the opponents of the electoral college system propose that no president should be elected with under 50 percent.

The Constitution is nicely balanced with the federative and popular principles; the Senate are the guardians of the former, and the House of Representatives of the latter; and any attempts to destroy this balance, under whatever specious names or pretences they may be presented, should be watched with a jealous eye.

The electoral college has performed its function for over years and in over 50 presidential elections by ensuring that the president has both sufficient popular support to govern and that his popular support is sufficiently distributed throughout the country to enable him to govern effectively.

Therefore, the current constitutional provisions on the electoral college stipulate: Kimberling, August 10, In fact, as has happened in three previous elections, the distribution of voter support may actually take precedence over the quantity of voter support.

Moreover, Johnson and Stein each won more votes than the difference between the two major-party candidates. But again there is This happened inwhen Ralph Nader, running as the Green Party nominee, finished third in the popular vote with just 2.Nov 10,  · Watch video · The amendment’s modifications of the electoral process transformed the Framers’ framework, enabling future presidential elections to be openly populist and partisan affairs featuring two competing tickets.

It is the 12th Amendment’s Electoral College system, not the Philadelphia Framers’, that remains in place today. The independent Vermont senator, a Democratic candidate for president, said on CNN's "State of the Union" that the system deserves another look after Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Dems make history, and other takeaways from Tuesday's primaries Establishment-backed Vukmir wins Wisconsin.

The Electoral College has rarely awarded the presidency to the popular vote runner-up; in those rare instances when it may have done so, it has not reversed a clear result.

10 reasons why the Electoral College is a problem

Infor example. The Electoral College is an unfair system to pick the President, but pragmatically and comparatively it is still the best way to do it. Electoral College is Unfair. There are several reasons the Electoral College may be called “unfair,” but three of those reasons stand out over the rest.

The first reason is the fact that this system. The Electoral College is Pointless and Unfair, and Has Been That Way For Years By Roger Sollenberger December 21, Here's What Would Have to Happen for the U.S. to Ditch the Godawful.

The several unfair reasons of the current electoral college system
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