Writing a report describing graphs for ielts

Vocabulary to describe graphs

Two of these stages involve actual preparation of the clips, while the other two consist of quality control before the clips are sent out from the factory to the retailers to be sold to the public.

Tell about the activities on the girls' chart and their popularity.

Writing task one: bar graphs

Percentage is the noun form: Write a report for a university tutor describing the production process. Do not repeat phrases from the title of the graph or from the exam question in your essay response. In Task 1 you will be presented with a situation and asked to write a letter requesting information or explaining the situation.

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In the same way, no specialised knowledge of your own is needed or wanted nor your opinions. Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression which measures the ability to recognize standard written English and grammar, and Reading Comprehension.

It is recognised worldwide. Essay science personal statements argumentative essays are pointless history essay writing music's. To begin with, molten plastic is poured into three different moulds depending on the colour required; the colours are red, blue and yellow. If there are very many bars, you can sometimes group together for description 1 or 2 or 3 bars which have similar or the same values.

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You only have words to fully answer the question and this is not much. Write at least words. The graph shows a slight decrease in March. The IELTS listening passages are on a variety of current topics and are chosen for their suitability for people entering university.

High acid levels are mea With practice from good IELTS practice testsyou will improve at including all the necessary detail with the right amount of words.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. If, however, you have 2 graphs, both of which are very complicated with lots of values, you will not be expected to include everything as you only have words to do the job.

You can write the letter in a personal, semi-formal or formal style. Practice is the magic word though. If there are very many then just describe the ones that are the most significant.

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This means that you will be able to use a variety of vocabulary which gives a good impression to the examiner who will read and mark your writing. If there are many lines in the graph sthen just generally describe the trend. If the person answers correctly, the next question will be more difficult; if the person answers incorrectly, the next question will be easier.

The table below shows the sales at a small restaurant in a downtown business district. When this stage is complete the groups are checked a second time to ensure that the colour mixtures are divided correctly into single colours and mixed colour batches.

What you will have to do is to include a selection of what you feel is the most important and significant detail that needs to be included to accurately describe the graph. What is the biggest change? The table below provide information on rental charges and salaries in three areas of London. Advantages of english language essay roles example essay in apa block quote it research paper developmental psychology.Write a report for a university tutor describing the production process.

There are four main stages in the production of plastic paper clips from this small factory. Xem thêm: Bài mẫu IELTS Writing Task 1 IELTS Writing Task 1 The two graphs show that oil was the major energy source in the USA in both and and that coal.

IELTS Academic Writing Task Sample 1

Preparation for the IELTS Exam. Free tips, advice and lessons for IELTS writing, speaking, listening and reading. IELTS Writing Task 1: Grammar for describing trends.

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How can I describe a graph in English? IELTS writing task part 1 & Business English

Vocabulary and grammar for line graphs and describing trends. Writing task 1 asks you to write a report about a bar chart, a line graph, a pie chart. Apr 22,  · Describing Graphs for The IELTS Academic Task 1 Writing What you need to do here is factually describe the graphs. You don't need to analyse the data, For example you don't need to give reasons for why figures are high or low.

IELTS Sample Charts for Writing Task 1

The Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 requires you to use several vocabularies to present the data given in a pie/ bar/ line/ mixed graphs or to describe a process or a flow chart. How to prepare for IELTS Writing 1 Contents Page Details of the writing test 2 v Your conclusion should include a brief summary your report.

• Do lots of practice exercises in describing graphs. See Focus on IELTS, pp; Insight, pp & p The IELTS Writing assessment criteria rewards you for attempting to use a range of academic expressions and linking phrases, even if you make some mistakes.

The useful language above is exactly the sort of language the IELTS examiner is expecting to find in a high-scoring answer, so please start using it in your own IELTS answers.

Writing a report describing graphs for ielts
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